Her answer to the perfect date: 'Hanging out in the Everglades, chasing snakes'

Crocodile Hunter Savannah Boan thinks men are too scared to date her because of her job at Gatorland.

Boan is the Crocodile Enrichment Coordinator at Gatorland. She loves what she does but feels like it’s impacting her dating life.

"A perfect date for me would probably be hanging out in the Everglades, chasing snakes, maybe a tent off to the side, eating Publix subs, and just taking in all the beauty that is the great state of Florida," Boan said.

Boan grew up in South Carolina where she’s always had a passion for taking care of animals. Whether it was catching frogs or lizards back home, she loved being outdoors. Her future lover, she says, has to have a passion or at least an understanding of why her job is so important.

"The day that I got my job at Gatorland was like my red carpet moment. Like most people, little girls dream about walking on the red carpet at the Oscars or Grammys or whatever," she said. "The animals I love, come first and foremost. Anybody that I would even entertain going out with would have to recognize that."

Boan says she oftentimes hears comments that her job is only for men, but she highly disagrees.

"I’m doing ‘my job.’ It’s not a man’s job, and it’s not a woman’s job. I’m doing ‘my job’ that Gatorland specifically created for me, so there’s no gender attachment."

Her coworkers at Gatorland say she keeps everybody busy.

"When Savannah is here, she’s always making us do stuff. She is never going to let you rest. Whatever you think you have planned for that day, you have that then some," Mike Hileman, Park Director told FOX 35.

Her coworkers also say her fans adore her.

"There’s not one spot we could just walk to without her fans running up to her. It’s the best reaction possible, especially with the kids. The kids love her, she loves the kids," Danny Perich, a Gatorland employee said.

Even though she wasn’t born in Florida, Boan says she’s a Florida girl at heart.

"My purpose is to take care of alligators and crocodiles. This is my red carpet moment, I have arrived."