Hit-and-run incident leaves 2 women injured

Two women are recovering in the hospital after a hit-and-run at Orange Blossom Trail and Ginger Mill Blvd.

"This is a person, not an animal. She have a lot of pain in her neck," said Alexandra Alvarez of her daughter, Keyshla, who is in terrible pain after the crash.

Troopers with the Florida Highway Patrol said it was just before 3:30 Monday morning when three cars got into a fender bender on OBT. Investigators said they were standing on the shoulder of the road, when the car hit head-on.

"One car hit a car, and that car hit and car, and when they get out to check the other people, this happened. She tried to help called 911, and she received the hit."

Troopers said they located a 1992 Honda Civic in a nearby parking lot that has damage consistent with hitting two people.  It is now in an impound lot under a tarp.

"We have identified a person of interest who we believe is not the registered owner. That registered owner is cooperating with FHP," said FHP Lt. Kim Montes.

Alvarez said, "I feel mad, angry but thanks at the same time.  My daughter and her friend is alive."

But that friend remains in critical condition.

"Her friend break her legs, so she's in surgery right now. I want to pray for her, and everybody who hears this message, if they can help the police to catch him, please do it!"

If you have information about the hit and run driver, call Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS (8477).