High school student revives collapsed jogger

The Windermere Police Chief says an Olympia High student is a hero, after reviving a jogger who collapsed.

Julia Strube, 17, was on her way to school on Tuesday morning, when she noticed a man lying in the middle of Lake Butler Boulevard.

Police said he was unconscious.

"I called 911 and my other neighbor pulled up," said Julia's grandpa Don Strube. Coincidentally, he was already there with another neighbor trying to help the stranger.

"We stopped traffic, we were worried about being run over," Julia said.

A dispatcher walked Julia through CPR over her cell phone.

"The neighbor was holding the phone for me and I was doing compressions and we were all just hoping he would gain consciousness," Julia said.

Julia said the dispatcher told her to do 600 chest compressions on the man, who was in his 60s and had no pulse.

"When I was giving him CPR, his finger touched my hand and I don’t know if that was like a reflex and then I was just doing that till the ambulance arrived," Julia said. 

Don says,

"Finally they said, 'We feel a pulse.' It was like being there for a birth, it’s life happening. We’re just grateful and saying prayers that he recovers," Don said.

Julia said she learned how to perform CPR in the 10th grade and is also on the sports medicine team at Olympia High School.

"So like for football if there’s an injury, we’ll tape their injury," Julia said.

But this was no ordinary injury and even Windermere’s Police Chief Dave Ogden said Julia is a hero.

"She’s 17 years old and when people are faced with a crisis and difficult situation you never know how you’re going to react. I just think she needs to be commended for her efforts," Ogden said.

Julia’s grandpa agrees. "Julia jumped right in. we couldn’t have been more proud of her. She saved his life I’m sure."

But Julia said something inside of her took over and led the way. "It really just the Holy Spirit who helped me to be calm and collected and remain calm in the situation."

Chief Ogden said the patient’s health is improving in the hospital.

Meanwhile Julia and her grandpa hope he’ll be OK.

"I’ve been praying for him and his family."