Health experts: Americans should be warned of coronavirus vaccine side effects

There are some concerns about the coronavirus vaccine's side effects.  Health experts are worried people may not realize the vaccine could elicit an immune response and that may deter them from coming back for a second booster shot.

Doctors have recommended to federal health officials that those who eventually receive the long-awaited vaccine should be wary of the side effects — such as body aches and bad headaches — so they will return for the second dose. 

“People need to know that it may not be a walk in the park,” said Orlando family physician Dr. Jason Littleton. “They need to know that an immune response will be initiated. Their bodies will elicit an immune response, and that’s the whole purpose. But with that being said, they may experience things such as fever, headache, body aches --- basically symptoms that align themselves with having the flu, or having COVID 19.”

Two promising coronavirus vaccine candidates, created by the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and the biotechnology company Moderna, respectively, both require two doses.