Grief counselors comfort friends of slain teen

Grief counselors were at Osceola High School on Monday, as the principal made a devastating announcement about a classmate.  Parent Damiris Torres was there when the announcement was made.

"Something happened, a mother and daughter found dead at home... oh my God, I felt so nervous."

"I was really saddened by it. It's sad to hear something could happen like that to a student as well as a mother," says student Angel Mendes.

Investigators say a Grandmother, mother and daughter had been living in this home on N Beaumont Avenue. They say the mother and daughter were found shot dead.

Neighbor Wes Thompson says, "The grandmother and granddaughter were on the porch last night laughing and giggling."

Sheriff Russ Gibson says the Grandmother found them dead this morning. 

"She woke up and found them in the bedroom." He says there's no suspect on the loose. Neighbors wonder why this happened. Wes says, "They were church going people."

Parents and students hope to get answers soon.

Damiris says, "I'm a parent, I'm scared about that." Her daughter agrees, "I got scared at the moment. Sad."

As the investigation continues, grief counselors will be at Osceola High School again on Tuesday.