Girl shot while sitting on porch of DeLand home

DeLand police say they are still trying to piece together how a teen ended up with a bullet in her. The girl's distraught family worry she may never walk again.

Armoni Faizon, 15, went to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children after getting shot at a house on Sherwood Drive in DeLand. Her mother, Nalonie Wytche was devastated by what has happened.

“I panicked. I got to the house soon as I could. I stayed - this is the second entrance. It happened at the corner house on the first entrance,” Wytche said

Faizon's family says she went over to the house to hang out with friends. The shooting happened sometime around ten o'clock. The girl was sitting on the back porch of the house when she got shot. Police say the bullet went through her wrist, into her leg.

“My granddaughter won't be able to walk because of this!” said Fazion’s grandmother, Jaomie "Mamma Jo" Wytche.

DeLand Police say they found a gun and bullets in the house, but Chief Jason D. Umberger said they're having a tough time getting witnesses to talk. “We are starting to get some cooperation and I'm hopeful we'll find out what exactly happened.”

“Mamma Jo” is calling for justice. “It could be your child, your grandmother, your mother, your father, your husband. Your son, your daughter,” she pleaded, “please somebody speak up!”

DeLand Police are asking anyone with information about the shooting to give them a call.