Gillum brings 'count every vote' rally to Orlando

Thirty-three thousand votes separate gubernatorial candidates Ron DeSantis and Andrew Gillum.

Gillum on Tuesday night was in Orlando at a packed St. Mark AME Church, where hundreds filled the pews to hear him speak at an event that felt less like a campaign rally and more like a sermon about democracy.  He was keeping the faith alive as the voting public witnessed the marriage of religion and politics. 

“I wanted so bad and still want so bad for us to be able to make a combined impact on this state... I am simply asking that every single vote that was legally cast be counted,” said Gillum, the Democratic candidate for governor. 

He said the recount wasn't about Republicans versus Democrats, but it was about rights. 

“Regardless of what happens, we exercise our right. We don’t want the people to be discouraged. we want them to know that our fore fathers died for this right and we need to come out and vote and support your candidate,” said Cora Thomas, who came to hear Gillum speak.

With faith leaders leading hundreds in prayer, and the Orange County Elections lawyer explaining the recount process to the public, the goal was to inform and inspire.

“God knows, this wasn’t just about an outcome for Chris and I. This is about those folks who stood in line, those folks who took a chance, those folks who believed that their votes would be counted,” said Gillum.

FOX 35 reached out to the DeSantis campaign but did not hear back before this article was published.