Gatorland makes zip line handicap accessible

Gatorland is more handicap accessible than ever, now that changes have been made to their Gator Gauntlet Zip Line.

Jennifer Adams And Kimberly Ocampo both share a love for adventure and adaptive sports. At Gatorland, they are wheeling up, strapping in and locking on to a chance to fly through the air -- no need for their wheelchairs on the ground.

“The first time it’s really scary,” Adams laughed. “It’s brand new, your heart is pounding and each time you go it gets less and less scary. It’s also thrilling because you have Gators looking up at you.”

Traveling 350 feet, soaring over a lake of giant alligators and crocodiles. It’s the only zip line like it in the world.

“It actually reminds me of my childhood memories,” Ocampo said.

Four years ago Ocampo was struck by a car that left her paralyzed.

“My dad built a zipline for me in my backyard – it was not over gators haha – but it was a really cool experience today,” Ocampo said.

Teaming up with Adams is part of her new adventure. Adams was born with partial limbs and through adaptive sports she has surfed, skied and danced through life. Now they can both add zip lining over alligators to their accomplishments. “It gets you to conquer a fear,” Ocampo said.

“You can zipline too and you can do anything,” Adams said.