Gas stations busy ahead of Dorian

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Gas stations were busy across Central Florida Wednesday as people fill up their tanks ahead of Dorian’s possible impact.


The Costco off University Boulevard had long lines at pump. Cars were bumper to bumper as they waited to get fuel.

“Very hectic,” said Sidney Harvey, who works at a Lake Mary gas station.

Lisa Poit was one of the customers. She says she wants to get gas now because before Irma, it was pretty tough.

“I actually waited a little bit later and I went to three gas stations with no gas,” she explained.

Days after Hurricane Irma, gas lines were miles long in some places and tense. Lawmakers came up with several recommendations in the aftermath to avoid a similar situation. One was pre-staging re-supply fuel trucks at rest stations. But will that happen this time around?

The Florida Dept. of Agriculture says it only handles fuel supplies for first responders. The state’s division of emergency management never responded to us about its plans. But, the Florida Petroleum Council says right now, supply is smooth.

“The industry prepares in Florida as hurricane season approaches, and we’ve had some important lessons as we’ve had these in the past to try to maximize supply going into the hurricane,” said David Mica, Exec. Dir. Of the Florida Petroleum Council.

Fuel experts also say that through an emergency declaration, the governor has waived worker hours and weight regulations, which will make it easier to transport fuel.