FOX 35 News helps man giving out resumes on the street get a job

After months of hitting the streets with his resumes searching for a job, Desmond Meadley has finally found the perfect position.

"I’m currently a route manager." That’s right, a manger at Affinity Waste Solutions. "It’s been fantastic. They’ve been a great company to work for."

That company saw FOX 35's story about Desmond last month.

"FOX 35, you guys did that amazing news broadcast on him and his desperate search to find a good job and that was shared on a multi-family page," Ashlee Partin said.

She said it was shared on a page about property management and immediately reached out to Desmond.

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"Speaking with him and everything that he brings to the table, it was God’s timing. We were looking for that go-getter mentality and you guys brought him right to us," Partin said.

She says Desmond manages teams that go to different apartment complexes. 

"We pick up the trash and he runs a group of teams that do multiple properties throughout Central Florida," she said.

Desmond says, "I did get a lot of offers. I did chase a lot of loose ends."

He says many businesses were only offering around $10 an hour.

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"My sign, I had modified it. In the corner, it said, '$10 an hour times 40 hours a week equals homeless.' You’re not eligible for government assistance if you make $10 an hour, $40 a week."

But now, he makes more than $15 an hour, enough to pay for food, rent and gas.

"I am so grateful for you all at 35. FOX35, it put me out there and that’s what got me out. We say there’s a lot of mean people and no one cares, but many people care."