FOX 35 Care Force: 20-year Lake Mary firefighter shares his selfless mission in life

The FOX 35 Care Force is honoring a firefighter who was nominated by another local hero in our community.

"I love to make people laugh. I love to make people smile."

EJ Levin is a firefighter/ engineer for the Lake Mary Fire Department. He has been a firefighter and engineer for the department for 20 years.

Right out of college, EJ looked for his forever career.

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"I met with a family member in the fire service, was offered to do some ride times with them and I fell in love with it right then. I said, ‘this is what I want to do.’"

He took the job right away. That was back in late 2000. 

Something important to EJ is making people happy.

"If I can walk into Publix and I can make eye contact and smile at someone so they know that they are important."

So, what is a day in the life of EJ Levin?

"I wake up in the morning. I go and wake up the kids. I like to go jump on the bed, rile them up, sing songs, and dance."

EJ then heads to the station, checks his gear and truck before his team of firefighters wait for their calls. 

Once his shift is over, "I have another career that I do. Essentially switching into another uniform. When I go there, I start all over in another capacity."


EJ also works at St. Lukes Lutheran School. Before that, he worked as a Seminole County Sheriff SWAT medic for 13 years.

"My personality still stays the same. The other uniform comes with things that people see you as, so I try to use my personality to break through those barriers."

When not working at the fire department or at school, EJ spends his free time with his wife, three kids and rescue dog. 

At the end of the day, it comes down to a smile for EJ.

"I get enjoyment seeing people smile and laugh, because it brings out the best of them, and like to see that."

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