Florida sheriff's office: 'Getting ripped off by your drug dealer? Call CCSO!'

We see what you're doing there, deputies!

The Clay County Sheriff's Office had some fun on Facebook Monday morning, encouraging anyone who may be getting the short end of the stick with their drug dealer to rat them out.

"Just Asking: Anyone get ripped off by their drug dealer and want to report them? Call Us! #CCSOFL." 

Facebook users loved the comical sheriff's office tactic.

"I can't wait to see how many fools come forward," wrote one commenter.

Another person commented, "Yeah. My dealer comes out once a year and seeks me out in front of Walmart. Then! They charge me at least $4 bucks a box for thin mints ! 😤"

We're pretty sure this was just a joke, but knowing Florida, there were likely several people who called to air their grievances against their dealers.