Florida school districts must submit learning plans by Dec. 15

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says school districts across the state can continue to offer distance learning next semester.  However, they now have a new task to complete.

Officials now have a few weeks to submit new learning plans to the state.

The governor is worried distance learning is putting students behind. He says all school districts in Florida have two weeks to submit a plan to his office explaining how they’re going to get each student caught up.

"If someone is in virtual and they’re failing, their falling behind school has to reach out to that parent, lay it on the line for them.  Say here’s what’s happening. This is not good. You need to send your kid back…or you have to affirmatively say you’ll remain virtual."

Osceola County Schools say they are already doing that.

Superintendent Dr. Debra Pace tells FOX 35 News a principal recently called a parent after discovering a child playing instead of learning online.

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"Said 'hey do you know what’s going on? Well, he’s in his bedroom you might want to check.' You know what mom said? 'Maybe it’s time to get him back to school.'"

Volusia County Schools says they are working with families to help struggling students.

A spokesperson tells FOX 35 News that thousands of students returned to in-person learning after midterms. Plans for the spring semester have to be submitted to the state by December 15.