Florida officials investigate first potential non-travel-related Zika case

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The Zika threat is becoming all too real in Florida. State health officials are investigating the first potential, non-travel related case of the virus.

The Florida Department of Health says the patient is from Miami-Dade county.

Miami-Dade officials are working with the Centers for Disease Control in the investigation.

FOX 13's Dr. Joette Giovinco says this case is different from the one's we've seen so far.  "When we think of a travel-related case, of course, it's someone who is coming in from another country. A country where Zika is spreading actively. If that person comes into this country and sexually transmits it to their partner or they transmit it their unborn fetus, that is still considered travel-related.

"So, in this particular case, it leads the option open that perhaps this Zika virus was spread by a mosquito," she said.

Mosquito control efforts are underway in the investigation area.

Health officials are urging you to drain any standing water around your home and making sure you cover up and wear bug spray if you plan on being outside.