Florida MMA fighter uses attention from viral video of him wrangling massive alligator for greater cause

A video showing a Florida MMA fighter wrangling a massive alligator outside an elementary school in Jacksonville quickly went viral online.

Mike Dragich, the man seen in the video taking on the large reptile, is known as the @bluecollar_brawler on social media.

On his social media accounts, you'll find the licensed gator trapper and US Marine Corps veteran faces off with alligators quite often.

He says the videos often bring alot of attention to him, which he uses for a greater cause – helping others who served our country.

"My heart goes to our veterans dealing with PTSD and the issue of veteran suicide," Dragich said. He started a nonprofit called, Project Savior Outdoors. The mission is to fight PTSD and veteran suicide by connecting with the great outdoors.

Dragich said he uses the gator videos he posts on social media to raise awareness for his movement. "It puts eyes on me and I want to use that opportunity to point it all to Jesus and get these veterans all the help that they need," Dragich said.