Florida man wins $15M off scratch-off ticket purchased at Publix

A Florida man is $15,000,000 richer after winning the top prize from the $15,000,000 GOLD RUSH SPECIAL EDITION scratch-off game. 

Lazaro Acosta, 64, of Miami Gardens, used a secured drop box at the Florida Lottery Headquarters in Tallahassee. He chose to receive his winnings as a one-time, lump-sum payment of $10,440,000.00.

Acosta bought the winning ticket from Publix at 11750 Southwest 104th Street in Miami. 

The retailer will receive a $30,000 bonus commission for selling the winning ticket. 

The $15,000,000 GOLD RUSH SPECIAL EDITION game features six top prizes of $15 million -- the largest Scratch-Off top prize offered by the Florida Lottery.