Florida helicopter crash kills 2, injures 1

Authorities said a helicopter crashed into a mobile home park in Florida, killing two and injuring another.

The Highlands County Sheriff's Office said the crash occurred Tuesday afternoon.  Two people in the helicopter were killed, and one person was injured on the ground. The injured person was taken to a hospital.  Officials say one mobile home destroyed, and another was damaged.

Investigators are now trying to determine what caused the gyrocopter to crash at the Sebring Falls Mobile Home Park.

"It was a massive explosion and when I walked out the flames were taller than that tree over there," said resident Diane Clark. "I'm just lucky it wasn't four feet this way."

The deceased have been identified as Christopher Lord, 45, and Christopher Brugger, 52.

Lord piloted the aircraft and is the owner of Gyroplaneguy Incorporated, out of the Sebring Airport.  He was taking Brugger to Manatee County.

"What we know from witnesses is that this gyrocopter either clipped the lines or the pole that was behind the mobile home, snapped that pole in half , pulled all the wires with it and snapped into a trailer that's completely demolished," explained Mark Bashoor, Highlands County Fire Rescue Public Safety Director.

Representatives from the Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board will be out on Wednesday.