Florida deputy attacked during traffic stop, suspects arrested in school zone

Deputies with the Orange County Sheriff's Office say two suspects are in jail facing serious charges, after being stopped for speeding, as children were getting out of school.

Deputies search the pockets of a dangerous suspect who was stopped for speeding in a school zone. It was a stop that turned ugly.

"The one fled on foot, the other ended up fighting with Corp. Ramsey. The gentleman stepped out of the car and swung and hit him in the face," said Sheriff's Office spokesman Sgt. Richard Hosier.

The deputy was okay, Hosier said, and the driver was taken down by use of a Taser.  The driver was  recently arrested on charged related to possession of drugs and guns, and when deputies searched his car, they found a loaded gun.

"Glock handgun in the center console of the car," said Sgt. Hosier. "We do know that both of these subjects in the past have been armed."

Deputies said the other suspect was found hiding in his home.

"He was caught in an hour and a half. They live fairly closely, and he was found in his attic."

Sgt Hosier said the suspect was traveling 37 mph in a school zone that is posted at 20 mph. He said it's all about keeping students safe, and he warns other drivers to be on alert.

"We are constantly in school zones morning and afternoon. Please feel free to wave to us, use all your fingers that's all I ask."  

The names of the suspects were not immediately released, but deputies said they face numerous charges, including possession of drugs and weapons.