Florida beachgoers help get distressed, stranded shark back into the ocean

A group of Pensacola beachgoers came together to help a massive, distressed mako shark find its way back into the deep blue sea.

The video captures three people initially pulling on the shark's tail fin which then makes a huge splash scaring the group. A couple of seconds later, they try once again to pull the shark back into the ocean. 

The woman recording, Tina Fey, can be heard saying "Look at them freaking teeth," as she zooms into the shark's mouth. 

Credit: Tina Fey

A fourth person joins right before the distressed shark makes an even bigger splash as he appears to attempt to get out of the sand. 

On the third attempt, one guy is able to drag the shark out a bit before turning the fish counterclockwise and back on his belly in the water.

The shark is then able to finally swim away from the shore and back into the ocean.