Flooding problems in Avalon Park

Cars trudged through tire-high water, sidewalks swamped and a neighborhood in Orange County was drenched after a daily downpour. 

It was no hurricane, but neighbors are fed up. 

People who live in Avalon Park can’t wait until the end of rainy season, but can anything be done before then?

County officials say the systems are surcharged and water levels are high. 

With all this rain, they say they’re doing everything they can.

With cars more like boats and sidewalks more like shores, folks in Avalon Park don’t know how much more water they can take.

“We had a monsoon of some sort,” said Rayna Alexander, who lives in Avalon Park. 

Alexander shot cellphone video of Lake Live Oak Drive on Monday in the worst of the storm. 

“It was like waves lapping up on the shore over here,” she said.

Avalon Park received more than two inches of rain in five hours. 

“I was honestly hoping that it didn’t get any higher because there was people that were going to get stuck if it did,” Alexander said.

There are three storm drains near the intersection with only one on the side of the street where the water flows. 

An Orange County spokesperson told Fox 35 that public works officials checked out the drainage system and found no blockages, but because of all the water, they say they’ll clean the stormwater pipes just to be safe. 

The county says it may have just been too much water too fast.

“It’s kind of par for the course. I mean you get a massive rain dump and there’s really nothing you can do about it,” said John Alexandrou, who works in Avalon Park. 

People in Avalon Park are bracing for more rain to come. 

Those who live in Avalon Park say this kind of flooding happens there a couple times a year. 

A county spokesperson says this is a newly-designed area and looked back at past reports about issues, but didn’t find any.