Flooding forces Marion County families from homes

Flooding has forced at least 10 families from their homes in Marion County. 

County officials say one of the worst hit areas is near the Ocala Garden Apartments.  The management has done what they can to keep the place dry, including setting up sandbags. 

Emergency managers say this apartment complex is in a flood plain. People who are able to get back into their homes have to boil their water, before it is safe to drink. Resident Edwin Garcia is watching and waiting, ready to move his family in a moment's notice, if in the water gets higher. 

"Stay here and wait it out. If it reaches the steps, we will head out," he said.

The American Red Cross is assisting those who have had to leave, sending a few to area shelters.

Due to rising water in other parts of Marion County, authorities had to block a lane of U.S. Highway 441. They have been working to pump the water away and open it to traffic.

"Our computer model did a fantastic job picking up again on that heavy rain threat developing. It has been non-stop from Gainesville to Ocala, extending to northern Sumter County," said FOX 35/FOX 51 Chief Meteorologist Glenn Richards. "An inch-and-a-half of rain around the east end of Ocala, but to the west you get into three to five, and even nearly seven, inches of rain south of Chiefland -- almost like a tropical storm or hurricane."

Emergency managers warn that more rain is expected, which could worsen conditions for additional flooding.

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