Flooding concerns rise as heavy rainfall moves into Central Florida

Neighbors in Orange County are concerned about flooding after Wednesday's storms waterlogged their streets.

The flooded streets were so bad that even school buses were forced to turn around.

This could be an issue again as heavy rain is in today's forecast.

On Wednesday, water rose faster than the storm drains could handle at the corner of Ensenada Drive and El Prado in Orlando. Steve Sparks lives on the corner and he said that this has happened before. 

"It happens four or five times a year," he told Fox 35. However, he also said that this time was worse.

Despite this, drivers still test their luck. "Everytime! Everybody gets stuck. They flood their cars out when they come through here. The small cars just short out," he said.

Steve said that an Orange County Fire Truck came through at the height of the flooding and blocked off the intersection. However, the roads leading into the development were still open, leading to some very frustrating moments.

Orange County Fire Rescue said that they had to help several drivers and passengers when their cars stalled out in the water. They want to remind people to not drive through standing water because you never know how deep it can get.