Flagler residents encouraged to sign up for health profiles to assist emergency responders

Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly is encouraging residents to sign up for a new service to give first responders a head start during an emergency.

The agency is now using RapidSOS, a software that includes an emergency health profile feature. Residents can include their medical history information that deputies and paramedics can access when responding. 

"It would let us know if the person has a history of say cardiac events or breathing issues, those kinds of things," said Sheriff Staly.

RapidSOS also provides the agency with software for dispatchers to better locate where people are calling from. Though the agency already has tracking capabilities, this additional service will allow dispatchers to access an enhanced map. 

"It allows us more closely to pinpoint where our caller is from," said Sheriff Staly. 

To sign up for a health profile, CLICK HERE. https://www.emergencyprofile.org/

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