First 'magic mushroom' dispensary in the country opens in Florida

The first "magic mushroom" dispensary in the country has opened in Florida. 

Ybor City's Carlos Hermida opened Chillum Mushroom and Hemp Dispensary, which he says it the first legal mushroom dispensary in the U.S. 

"Magic" mushrooms are illegal – but just like Delta 8 marijuana – the version sold at the Tampa store is a weaker and legal dose that does not contain  the mind-altering compound psilocybin, which is a schedule 1 drug akin to substances like heroin, meth and LSD. 

"These are mushrooms that will get you high and make you trip," Hermida said. "They have psychedelic effects," he noted. 


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The owner of the store says the 'shrooms at his store actually offer some benefits. 

"Psychedelics in general are very beneficial for trauma, PTSD, anxiety and even micro dosing can help the average person get through the day," he said. 

Still, not everyone in the community is happy about it.

"My biggest concern is children. Getting in the wrong hands," said Ellen Snelling of the Hillsborough County Anti-Drug Alliance. "The developing brain does not need to be exposed to this drug or any drug."

 Right now there are no legal mushroom shops in Central Florida, but there could be some popping up soon.