Firefighters respond to house fire near Universal Studios

Firefighters in Orange County responded to an early Monday morning house fire in Orlando.

At least a dozen firefighters responded to the home on Ridgeway Drive near the Universal Studios area. The fire is out now, but they are still on scene as they cleanup and ensure that all smoldering parts are put out.

The Orange County Fire Rescue says that the fire was isolated to the garage. All occupants escaped the home without injuries.

Randy Powell, a resident of the home, spoke to Fox 35 about the fire. "I woke up, my room was pitch black dark and full of smoke. I remember I couldn't breath and I couldn't see either. I would open up my eyes to get a better view, but my eyes would shut right down. I remember instantly going around the house to make sure everyone was okay. The rooms were open. And I remember asking, is anyone okay? I noticed no one was in and I hopped out. All my roommates were lined up right here [outside]."