Family of man police say was killed in workplace attack by bat-wielding suspect speaks

Daytona Beach police officers say Charles Cummings, 50, died from head injuries caused when Steve Tilbury, 26, allegedly struck him with a metal bat at their workplace. DBPD said the motive was a dispute at work. 

The family of the victim calls it a senseless act. 

His daughter, Alyssa Cummings, says that the argument wasn’t much of anything at all. She believes this all started when the employer asked the two to switch workstations.

"They gave him a little better of a work area and had him switch with the kid," said Cummings. 

She believes the simple request was the motivation behind Tilbury’s alleged unprovoked attack.

"The kid pulled up next to the door, got out, hit him in the head with a bat when he wasn’t even looking while he was on the computer," said Cummings. 

The incident happened the morning of Nov. 23 at Ritchey Auto in Daytona Beach. Witnesses say Tilbury got out of his truck and used a metal bat to strike Cummings in the head. 

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Initially, Alyssa says things were looking up for her father who was conscious after the attack. It wasn’t until a couple of days later at the hospital when things took a turn and her father was placed into a medically induced coma. 

"He never woke up," says Cummings.  "We never got to speak. He never got to say anything else."

Alyssa says this has brought the family closer together. She says they won’t soon forget their father’s friendly, outgoing and goofball nature. Her brother is also a mechanic and hopes to help carry on their father’s legacy. 

"He said that my pops was, ‘my best friend.’ I will now try my best to fill his boots and make him proud of everything I do," says Cummings. 

Tilbury was known to the family. He had had class with Alyssa’s brother. 

The Cummings family was able to donate Charles’ organs which will hopefully bring some good news to a few families in need.

FOX 35 is working to obtain more details, check back for updates.