Eustis Police are investigating murder

Eustis Police are investigating a murder. They say it happened around three o'clock in the morning. They also found a high powered rifle lying on the grass across the street from where Joshua Brown, who was from Leesburg, was gunned-down. Police are still trying to figure out if that high-powered rifle was the murder weapon.

A yellow evidence marker sat next to the gun. Brown was found lying in a woman's driveway, off Orange Avenue in Eustis.  The woman, who declined to give her name, said she heard it all go down. 

“It was very loud,” said the woman, “it just kept going. Like, pop-pop-pop! That's how it was going.”

First she heard people yelling, then she peeked out her window. “This guy running the side, by my car. I heard another round of gunshots and the boy fell right there,” she recalled.

Shell casings littered the street, showing how many shots were fired at Brown. The woman living there said her daughter was just coming home at the time.  “I'm glad she didn't get in the midst of it, know what I'm saying? Because she was just getting in,” she said.

Eustis Police and Lake County Sheriff’s Deputies are still searching for the shooter.