Epic Universe: Rides, parks, and hotels coming to Orlando's newest theme park

As Epic Universe construction continues, long-awaited details regarding the parks, rides, and hotels have recently been announced.

This new theme park will be located just a few miles away from Citywalk – home to Universal Studios and Island of Adventure.

Here are some of the worlds, rides, and hotels coming to Epic Universe. 

Epic Universe worlds

Celestial Park

Celestial Park will be the center of Epic Universe and it will be the first world guests will see. Celestial Park features acres of rolling gardens, chasing waterways, and strolling pathways.

The lush gardens are nestled along shimmering waters surrounded by architecture. 

The park will also have a rollercoaster, shops, and ‘delectable cuisine’ to dine on. 

Credit: Universal Studios

Ministry of Magic

This wizarding world of Harry Potter allows guest to explore the magical streets of 1920s Paris. 


This world allows parkgoers to challenge Bowser on the Mario Kart ride along with venturing through Donkey Kong Country.

How to Train Your Dragon - Isle of Berk

This park has a colorful Viking village at the heart of Berk where guests can join wild boat battles and feast like a Viking. 

Dark Universe

In this park, guests will encounter the experiments of Dr. Victoria Frankenstein as well as the shadowy landscape where monsters roam in this mythic and mysterious world. 

Epic Universe Rides

Constellation Carousel

The Constellation carousel boasts blue and purple colors and has a cosmic ambiance.

Credit: Universal

Starfall Racers

On this dual-launch coaster, guests will be riding on a ‘comet’ that goes at 62 mph and reaches a height of 133 feet. Most of the 1.8-mile track is a side-by-side race between two comets to see who gets to the end first. 

At nighttime, the ride looks like shooting comets since it's covered with hundreds of points of light. 


This attraction, located in the center of Celestial Park, is an interactive wet-play designed as a compass rose that points to the portals and attractions around Epic.  

Epic Universe Restaurants


This restaurant is located in Celestial Park – surrounded by the shimmering waters of Neptune's pool and has floor-to-ceiling Victorian glass walls. Guests will be able to enjoy seafood along with surf-and-turf options. 

The Blue Dragon Pan-Asian Restaurant

Vibrant, electric neon dragons cover the interior of this restaurant's dining room. The menu offers flavors from China, Southeast Asia, and Japan while allowing guests to dine under the constellations and lanterns. Universal describes this restaurant as being inside an indoor courtyard. 

Epic Universe Hotels

Universal Helios Grand Hotel

This 500-room hotel offers one-of-a-kind views of Epic Universe and has its own entrance into the park. 

Universal Stella Nova Resort

This 750-room hotel offers a ‘tranquil’ space for guests. According to Universal, it's inspired by the infinite vastness of the unknown universe, where galaxies spiral ever outward and unknown worlds revolve around unarmed stars.

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Credit: Universal

Universal Terra Luna Resort

Universal describes this hotel as a landing zone for relaxation and recharging between fun. The hotel has 750 guest rooms, terrestrial tones and sweeping curves. 

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Credit: Universal