EMOTIONAL: 21-year-old, who's blind, meets Mickey

There wasn't a dry eye in the room when a 21-year-old, who suddenly became blind at the age of 9, met Mickey Mouse for the first time last weekend at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

A tour guide who was with the group took the video and can be heard softly crying in the background, along with others in the room.

The guide, Nataly White, said 21-year-old Basilio developed Devic's syndrome, which attacks the optic nerves, leaving him blind when he was 9-years-old. "One day he was perfect and the other day blind," White said.

The boy, who was visiting with his family from San Paulo, is seen on the video with his hands in Mickey's hands, feeling Mickey's nose, his ears, his face, and his eyes. Mickey even says a few words to him in Portuguese.

Everyone in the room breaks down when Basilio hugs Mickey. His mother, overcome with emotion, also hugs Mickey and is seen sobbing on the video.

"The energy inside that room was unbelievable," White said. "We were all crying so much! I was recording the video and you can hear me crying so bad," she said.

White said even the Photopass photographer reached out to her after seeing the video of the emotional meeting on social media, saying he would never forget the incredibly moving moment.