Elementary school students sing 'Lean on Me' to principal fighting cancer

A California principal received an emotional serenade as she fought breast cancer.

There were 500 students who got together at George W. Bush Elementary School in Stockton to surprise Principal Youlin Aissa with a sweet rendition of “Lean on Me.” The children also held up pink ribbon cutouts as they belted out the song.

Aissa, who is battling stage four cancer, said the moment took her completely by surprise. The kids were gathered together for a normal school assembly and she wasn’t expecting the tribute. She explained that she hadn’t even told the parents or children about her health issues.

In 2016, she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer, and went on medical leave to undergo treatment and returned to school the following year. This year, the cancer came back and she planned to go to Stanford for further treatment.

As she fights the cancer, Aissa said she is grateful for her community support.