Elderly woman loses $42K in computer scam

Detectives with the Flagler County Sheriff's Office are investigating after an elderly woman said she was he victim of a computer hacking scheme. 

"Somebody got into my computer!" explained the 72-year-old woman, who asked not to be named in this report.

The man claimed her internet provider owed the victim $300, which could be refund remotely. 

"It's an art form," said Flagler County Sheriff's Sgt. Michael Lutz. "They got onto the computer, took control of the computer, basically locked her computer and bank accounts, so she couldn't view them."

Deputies said the woman turned the computer off, but the scammer called back, saying he accidentally put too much money into her account and they needed that money back.  The woman said that's when the caller became aggressive, and she got scared.

He told her to go buy gift cards and read him the serial numbers. He kept saying the cards didn't work. She called police after spending $42,000 on cards.  Deputies say scammers like to target seniors.

"Especially during the holiday season," Lutz added. "It's going to be easy to fall for it, because you'll be out shopping!"

Investigators are still looking into who this scammer is, but so far, there are no leads.