East Orange County residents want flooding resolution

East Orange County residents are calling for answers, after their communities flooded during Wednesday's rains.

"This was my only means of income, so I'm in a pretty bad spot," said Uber driver Frank Diaz, whose BMW was swamped by the floodwaters.

On Thursday, a flatbed truck hauled it away. Diaz and neighbors who live here were fed up, saying the area floods five or six times a year.

"If it's happening in your neighborhood, it's happening in my neighborhood, too. So we've gotta keep talking about this and get the county to step up, because we'll get a lot more rain before the year is over," said Orange County Commissioner Mayra Uribe.

Orange County officials said the problem was that too much water hit the area all at once.

"With the amount of rain they received within two hours overtook that system. As you see, when the rain did recede, the street levels and everything else receded," said Mike Watts, Orange County Stormwater Coordinator.

Orange County officials say the best thing residents can do is keep the storm drains free of debris and lawn clippings. They ask neighbors to contact the county at the first signs of flooding.