Duck hatches from free-range egg woman bought from grocery store

Courtesy: Adele Phillips

You never know what you’re going to find in an egg.

A curious woman in England says she bought an egg from the grocery store and a month later, a baby duck hatched. She reportedly had been inspired to try out the egg experiment after seeing a post on social media.

Adele Phillips bought a package of free-range duck eggs back in March, Southwest News Service (SWNS) reports. She says she bought the eggs specifically to see if she could actually hatch a bird from a store-bought egg.

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Phillips reportedly used an incubator she bought online to keep the eggs warm while she waited to see what would happen. At the end of April, a baby duck hatched out of one of the eggs.

She told SWNS, "During the whole process everyone was looking at me, thinking 'are you insane?' I was just giving it a go as a little experiment, but they all thought I would just end up with a boiled egg. Well, I definitely proved them wrong and everyone was very shocked. 

She continued, "I am amazed and it really hit me when I saw come out of its shell. I thought 'what have I done? It is just mad. My pet could easily have been on someone's toast."

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According to her, she wasn’t sure that her experiment would work, but she had seen someone do something similar on TikTok.

"When we bought the egg my mom was just like 'are you sure?' I knew I had to keep them warm on the way home although as they had already been on a shelf for a few days I didn't think it was going to work," she explained. "They then went into the airing cupboard but as I had never done anything like this before I was so shocked when I discovered one was fertile."

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