'Drop Dead Tuesdays' social media threat prompts extra security at Florida middle school

Extra security precautions are being set up at South Seminole Academy in Casselberry after threats were made to the school on social media. Authorities already said the threat was not credible, but they will be there for added precaution. 

A parent shared the message that was sent to students' cell phones that read "Drop Dead Tuesdays" and referenced the school's B lunch period. The district alerted parents on Sunday that it was aware of the message. 

Some parents say as the district looks into the message, they're having conversations with their children.

"My husband and I will be addressing this with our kids. Have to. Very important."

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"Parents have to talk to their kids. Can't expect schools to talk to them." 

In an email to parents, the district said in part:

"We wish to discourage our students from mimicking this kind of behavior and spreading it on social media. We are highly motivated to put an end to disruptive behaviors on our campus." 

School officials said students who make these types of threats will face serious consequences, such as possible expulsion, alternative school placement, or criminal charges. They are reminding students and parents if you know something or see something disruptive or suspicious to contact the school or the anonymous tip line called SpeakOut at 1-800-423-TIPS.