Driver ticketed after tossing dirty diaper out of car, hitting patrol vehicle

A driver in Indiana was recently ticketed for an unusual littering offense.

According to the Indianapolis Star, Trooper Sgt. Stephen Wheeles was driving down Interstate 65 in Johnson after a long shift at the Indiana State Fair. All of a sudden, he noticed a passenger from another car throw a soiled diaper out of the backseat window.



As if littering wasn't bad enough, Sgt. Wheeles said the diaper hit the windshield of his patrol car! 

"It hit my car and bounced a couple of times … it's not something I could really let fly," he told the Star.

The driver was pulled over and given a ticket. Sgt. Wheeles said his vehicle was not damaged or soiled. On Twitter, he poked some fun at the incident.

"Littering is always bad....Littering by throwing a used diaper out of the car window right in front of a police officer is asking for a ticket....especially when diaper hits said police officer's 🚓. 🤨." 

Fellow trooper Sgt. Ted Bohner also couldn't help but crack a few jokes on Twitter.



"My guess is that even though you 'Pamper'ed' them with kindness and the 'Luv' of a public servant, this stop didn't end with a 'Huggie's.'"

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