Double amputee's golf cart stolen in Winter Haven

Polk County resident Mike Holder has had it rough. Over the last few years, he lost both his legs due to medical problems. But recently, his life got even harder.

Someone stole his disability-friendly golf cart worth about $10,000. It was swiped from outside his mobile home while he and his wife were sleeping.

"There is nothing I can do, so I have to learn to get around the depressed part," Holder told FOX 13.

His wife is upset as well. Not only because they got ripped off, but because the theft is a big blow to Holder, who used it to socialize by visiting friends in the park.

"It really does hurt that someone did something like that to him," his wife Linda said.

The couple thought their homeowner's insurance policy would cover the loss, but they were wrong. As luck would have it, they used to have insurance on the golf cart itself, but dropped it when they moved into their new neighbor because it is gated.

Holder's golf cart disappeared the same night as a neighbor's. The cart was top-of-the-line as well.

Police don't know if someone rode it out of the community or loaded it on a trailer and drove it out.

If anyone has information about the theft, please call the Winter Haven Police Department.