Doorbell camera helps nab suspects

Flagler County deputies say they were able to track down a stolen truck quickly thanks to an alert citizen and their Ring security camera.

Investigators say early Sunday morning, they got a call from a homeowner on LLobel Place in Palm Coast who said surveillance video showed people running from their driveway.

“We received a call to report a suspicious activity. We have marketed, ‘See something – say something,’” said Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly.

Deputies went to the area to check it out. According to an incident report, they ended up finding some stuff in the wood line along Lloshire Path. Investigators knocked on the door of a nearby home to see if the residents were missing anything from their cars.

“I looked over and my truck was gone,” said the victim.

The victim says his truck was missing from his driveway and he hadn’t heard a thing.

“We put out a BOLO, ‘be on the look out’ for this vehicle which had just been stolen,” Staly explained.

Investigators say one minute and 30 seconds later a Bunnell police officer found the truck. Deputies say four teens were arrested after driving recklessly and getting the truck stuck in the mud.

The victim says he’s grateful to the person in his community who called in the suspicious activity and got a jump start on the investigation.

“I probably would have never got my truck,” he said. “Thank you.”