Dog stolen from PAWS Atlanta

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Be on the lookout for a tiny, 5-pound Yorkie named Brad. Someone snatched the little guy right out of his kennel at PAWS Atlanta.

The Yorkie had only been at PAWS Atlanta for a little more than a week and was already quite popular. A number of people had inquired about him, but Kay Kenimer had her heart set on him.

"He was so cute, he just cuddled up to me," said Kenimer.

Thursday afternoon, she filled out all the adoption paperwork, paid the fee, and was already to take him home, but when the staff went back to get Brad, his kennel was empty.

"While she was signing the adoption paperwork it appears someone went into the adoption area and slipped out a side door with Brad," said PAWS Atlanta's Laura McKelvey.

McKelvey said they immediately called police about the dog-napping. The staff has been reviewing surveillance video and has a good idea of who committed the crime. Brad is chipped, and if he shows up somewhere, they'll be notified right away.

"If he would be scanned at a vet or a groomer, he’s already marked as stolen so we'd know right away," said McKelvey.

McKelvey said in the ten years she's been with PAWS Atlanta they've never had a dog stolen, now they're going to add more security to make sure it never happens again.

Kenimer thinks it's horrendous someone would steal a dog. She just buried her 14-year-old Maltese earlier this month and was hoping Brad would help mend her broken heart.

"I hope that they will turn it in, but I doubt it," said McKelvey.

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