Dog from 'The Grinch' finds a home

Despite Christmas spirit sweeping the nation, there are still some Grinches out there. But the dog who knew the Grinch is going home with someone who would never steal Christmas.

Her name was Prissy. But she played Max. Now she’s called Baby Doll. Confused yet?

This is the dog, originally named Prissy, who played the Grinch’s dog recently at a Christmas event at Lake Square Mall in Leesburg. That co-starring role as “Max” earned her enough fans to be adopted.

“They were using her as a fundraiser,” said the dog’s new dog mom Elaine Drake, of Mount Dora.

It was all to promote pet adoptions. A friend of a friend saw a photo of Prissy in the newspaper playing the Grinch’s dog, Max and connected Elaine Drake with The Animal League.

When Elaine showed up to adopt Prissy, The Animal League explained the reason her adoption fees were so expensive was because of her role in the Christmas event .

“I said well, hell I don't care.”

Now that she has a new dog mom, Elaine has renamed the dog Baby Doll.

“Boy she sure is a good sleeper. She just burrows in the pillows.”

Though Baby Doll still has some Grinch-like qualities.

“She does go through here like wild fire,” said Drake.

So why does Elaine think this particular pup was picked to be part of that Christmas event?

“I just think it was because she was cute and so friendly.”

While the Grinch stole Christmas, the Grinch’s dog has stolen Elaine’s heart.

“She's lucky to have me,” said Drake.

Or maybe it’s the other way around.