Dog doused with Drano in cruel home invasion

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A home invasion turns into a case of animal cruelty as a family pet is attacked and nearly blinded.

The bloodshot eyes tell the story. At best this 14-year-old pit bull named Abbey will likely just be able to make out shadows. At worst she'll be blind and deaf after her attack.

"It's terrifying for me, terrifying for her," Sarah Birkel said. "I'm scared to leave my house."

It started when Sarah Birkel came home in Hamtramck from work at 7 pm Friday night; Abbey was there but was cowering and reeked of bleach. Then Sarah saw evidence of the break-in.

Whoever was responsible for this crime, clearly took their time. Take a look at the damage done to the back door. Once they were in this room they grabbed the Drano     broke the next window and poured it right on the dog, Abbey.

"They poured Drano into her eyes, all over her body, they continued to beat her with a broom," Birkel said.

In didn't end there, Sarah says they threw her down the stairs. All this to get to her bedroom.  That was where the thieves ripped a pillowcase from her bed and filled it with jewelry.

"Heirloom pieces of jewelry that can't be replaced," she said.

After calling police, Sarah took Abbey to the vet. Despite their best efforts and nearly $2,000 dollars’ worth of work on her. The damage is done she can only wait to see how bad it really is.

"Her hearing is gone and she may lose an eye," Birkel said. "If she ingested it she will have ulcers, and internal burns."

Abbey requires round the clock care and multiple visits to the vet. Sarah's family set up a GoFundMe account to ensure this girl has the best quality of life possible. CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

"I'm not going to take her out of her own home that she has lived in for so long," Birkel said. "She didn't deserve this. They didn't have to do this to her."