Dog attacked by bear in Longwood fighting for its life

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A Longwood neighborhood is still on edge after a mama bear attacked two pets over the past few days. Killing one of them.

An intruder alert went off at the Mann family’s home in the Estates at Springs Landing neighborhood on Sunday. But when Rick Mann walked into his garage, he never expected to see three bears. 

“Helping themselves to our refrigerator,” he said. 

His 5-year-old Morkie, Reeses, jumped into action to protect his human from the mama bear and her two cubs. 

“My Reeses ran out and started barking at the bear and of course the bear lunged at him,” Mann said. “Took a bite.

Trying to save Reeses, Rick Mann grabbed anything he could to fight off the bear. 

“The next thing I found was a vacuum cleaner,” he said. “So I started swinging that at her.”

It worked and Mama bear started to leave, but then turned around and attacked Reese’s again. 

“Seven punctures and he was shaken,” Roxane Mann said. “He has a sacrum that was dislocated. He has lacerations everywhere. A bruised kidney. A bruised liver.”

Fourteen pound Reeses continues to fight for his life. 

“The vet has warned us that there will be some pretty serious issues,” Roxane Mann said. 

While this pup’s family rallies around him, Florida Fish and Wildlife is working to get that bear. Setting traps to lure it in.  

FWC said they have been trying to track and trap the bear for weeks. 

“She’s so aggressive and she killed my neighbor’s dog,” Roxane Mann said.

That dog was in an enclosed pool area when a bear ripped through the screen. Neighbors are on high alert for the aggressive mama bear and hope it is captured before she hurts anyone else.