'Do bunnies lay eggs?' A shocking amount of people really don't know

It seems like a question that should have an obvious answer: do bunnies lay eggs? No, they don't, but a surprising number of people relied on Google to answer that for them.

According to Google AdWords, the question "do rabbits lay eggs" and "do bunnies lay eggs"  each receive thousands of searches each month.

Perhaps Americans are just confusing Easter traditions of coloring eggs and the Easter bunny that millions of kids look forward to each year. After all, bunnies often deliver the eggs. Also, let's not forget the Cadbury bunny, who represents the popular chocolate, egg-shaped candy.

Rabbits are placental mammals and they give birth to a litter of 12 or more bunnies. 

If you're shaking your head at the astounding number of people needing to search for that answer, you shouldn't be that surprised: a National Dairy Council survey conducted in 2017 showed that 7 percent of Americans think that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.