Disturbance in Pacific could become next tropical system in Gulf of Mexico in coming week

As the FOX 35 Storm Team has been monitoring three disturbances out in the Atlantic Ocean for a few days, there is now a new potential system adding to the activity. 

That potential new system could develop out of disturbance in the Pacific Basin just off the coast of El Salvador.  It could get better organized as it moves into the Gulf of Honduras and then into the eastern Gulf of Mexico this weekend and into early next week. It has a 20% chance of development within the next seven days, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

"There's a little swirl off of San Salvador in the Pacific that's forecast to track northward over Central America and either emerge in the Caribbean Sea or in the southwest Gulf of Mexico," explained FOX 35 Storm Team Meteorologist Brooks Garner. "Our latest FOX Model run puts it near Cancún – with the center of circulation on the Yucatán Peninsula."

Right now, it's too soon to declare a track because its exact impacts cannot be determined based on the fact that it doesn't exist yet, Garner said.

"By Monday, and until Monday, we won't have specifics as far as where this thing may form yet, and it may not survive its transit over Central America because there are tall mountains that could tear it apart. But that said, if it does survive, we'll have some issues higher rain chance for next week," Garner added.

It's a reminder to stay prepared, and if we do have direct impacts, it will likely be in the middle to the latter part of next week.