School districts call back struggling students as they plan for second semester

Several Central Florida school districts are encouraging parents whose students are struggling with distance learning to consider returning to campus for the second semester. 

Seminole County Public Schools said it sent a survey to parents in November, and 7,600 said they plan to send their child back.

A message from Seminole High School said even normally high performers are falling behind.

“They have to really be be on their game and focused during their classes and so that’s different for everybody really,” said Seminole County School District Spokeman Michael Lawrence.

Paul Borosky is one of those parents hoping to send his child back. 

He tells FOX 35 that his stepson who is usually an A/B student has now dropped to a B/C and is one month behind on virtual school. 

He’s doing a mixture of Seminole Connect and Florida Virtual School. 

“You know you got the children home and guess what, there's technology out there, the games, the distractions,” he said. 

Central Florida’s largest school district is Orange County. Officials there also sent a message to parents last week, strongly encouraging students who are struggling academically or emotionally to return to campus. 

“Your child’s success is of our utmost concern so school staff are personally reaching out to many parents in such cases,” said Superintendent Barbara Jenkins.