District : ‘Volusia Live’ students failing, asked to return to classroom 

Volusia County Schools said many of its Volusia Live students are failing five weeks into the school year.

The district sent a message to parents this week telling them in part, “As we approach the end of the first quarter, Volusia Live students who are not demonstrating adequate progress (below a “C”) will be contacted and must return to face-to-face (brick and mortar) instruction.”

School board member Carl Persis clarified families wouldn’t be forced to return, saying schools would work with families’ concerns on a case-by-case basis.

“So in those circumstances and if that child isn’t doing well of course we are going to reach out to those parents to see what else we can do,” he said.

Persis called the alert a wake-up call to ensure students don’t slip further.

“Either you do something differently at the home, or if you cannot then please send your child back to school,” he said. 

Volusia United Educators President Elizabeth Albert said she and teachers were blindsided by the announcement, saying the timing is off.

“In this moment in time there are serious consequences with packing students in classrooms,” she said.

Albert added teachers are having a hard time separating students as is and are worried what kind of impact an influx could have.

“They are struggling right now to maintain social distance in their classrooms,” she said.

The district’s notice also reminded parents Volusia Live is set to expire on Jan. 22 unless the state’s emergency order is extended.

The district is asking parents to make a decision by Nov. 2.