Volusia School District safety plan includes metal detectors in high schools

A plan is in the works to purchase 30 metal detectors, delegating three to each of Volusia County’s 10 high schools. 

District spokesperson Angel M. Gomez said the metal detectors will be used for after school activities, such as football games, and other district-hosted events on an as-needed basis. 

"For athletic events and other events that gather afterschool that may bring in a large number of people," Gomez explained. 

Parent Miriam Virella said the added security will bring comfort; however, the Mainland High School parent would like to see metal detectors used daily in the schools. 

"That would be the safety of my child and for me at home thinking that he’s safe at school when I drop him off," she said. 

Gomez said right now the focus is after school activities, saying the district already has multiple layers of security during the school day. 

"We have our SRDs, we have our guardians, we have of course our staff that is part of safety and security, we single-point of entry, we have raptor," he said.

School safety has been top of mind for parents and district leaders following a prank at Mainland High School that created chaos. 

Gomez said the district is launching a campaign starting tomorrow. For six days, students will be reminded about the expectations. 

"Educating our kids in regards to what these code of conduct contain. These are the guidelines and the rules on how to behave on campus," he said. 

Gomez said the school board is expected to approve the metal detectors at the upcoming meeting on Tuesday.