District responds to allegations against substitute teacher

Osceola County Schools Superintendent Debra Pace is speaking out for the first time since a substitute teacher's arrest.

Fnu Syed Yaseen Asher, 19, is charged with 9 counts of lewd and lascivious acts against six students.  Deputies with the Osceole County Sheriff's Office are confirming that they are still investigating more allegations from other students. 

"From the beginning, this has been a complex, evolving situation," Pace said.  

School officials say Asher taught at nine schools since he was hired in December of last year -- seven elementary schools and two middle schools.  Superintendent Pace confirmed that calls went out to parents of all students at the nine schools where Asher worked.  

"He could have had informal contact with any students on the campus throughout the day," Pace said.  

Personal calls went out to parents of students who had direct contact with Asher, asking them to speak to their children to see if may have been victims.  

"We want the bad guy to get what he deserves," said Pace.

Meanwhile, Kissimmee police detectives say four reports of abuse against Asher have come into their agency; however, no charges have stemmed from those allegations. 

"We've gone through and looked at the investigative process with those, and we have no additional charges that we're going to add off of our four children," said Chief Jeff Odell. "Sometimes, it's having those no graphic but frank conversations, saying hey you know this is good, hey you now this is bad.  If parents get anything, you’re not really sure, let us decide."