Disney 'incorrectly' charges passholders hundreds of dollars, works to reverse charges

Disney took hundreds of dollars out of annual passholders' bank accounts, Friday, in a glitch that affected thousands.

Disney passholder Kristin Downer found out Disney charged her hundreds of dollars in what felt like the blink of an eye. 

"I laid down for a nap. And I woke up 30 minutes later, and I look at my phone and I was like 'why did Disney just take $234 out of my bank account?'"

She wasn't alone. 

Thousands of passholders, Friday, saw accounts charges similar to hers, some with more than $700 withdrawn from their accounts. 

These passholders were charged for the last several months the parks had been closed. 

These are charges they opted to delay until the parks reopened. 

"I started freaking out because I’m a single mom and that was part of my rent money that’s due tomorrow," Downer said. 

She had trouble getting someone from Disney on the phone. 

When she finally did, "he said, 'Yup, we have a memo here that says that during a system update it went wrong.'"

Disney released this statement: 

“Passholders on the monthly payment program were incorrectly charged today. We are in the process of reversing these charges and apologize for the inconvenience this caused.”

"It’s quite a nut when you’re not ready to crack it yet," said BigFatPanda.com blogger John Saccheri. 

He says it's not a good look for the "Mouse House." 

"It’s one thing after the other. Right now, I think with the way the world is going, we don’t need any more surprises," Saccheri said.

It's unclear when people will see their money back in their accounts.

"I hope it’s soon, but it’s a holiday weekend. I don't know how fast they can reverse charges like that," Downer said.

Disney's Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom are set to reopen July 11.