Deputies: Florida woman dies after neighbor’s gun goes off while he was cleaning it

A Florida woman was fatally shot in the head when her neighbor’s gun discharged as he was cleaning it a short distance from her home, sheriff’s officials said.

The shooting happened Sunday afternoon in Jacksonville. Police have not released the name of the woman, who was dead at the scene.

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When officers arrived at the home, a neighbor told them the gun accidentally discharged as he was cleaning it. The neighbor was in his home some 40 to 50 yards (36 to 45 meters) from the woman’s house when the shooting happened.

"At this early stage of our investigation, this appears to be a tragic accident with the most unfortunate of outcomes," Jacksonville Sheriff’s Sgt. Edwin Cayenne told news outlets.

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He said the neighbor is cooperating with police. There was no word on whether he will face any charges.

The woman’s teenage daughter was also inside the home, but was not injured. Investigators said she initially thought the gunshot was thunder, as storms were in the area at the time. She then called 911 to get help for her mother.

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