Deputies said students plotted against teacher

Two teenagers are facing charges for writing messages to each other about hurting, or even killing, one of their teachers. 

Investigators say the two 16-year-olds were communicating through school-issued computers at Flagler Palm Coast High School.  The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday released a transcript of the messages, which included racial slurs and talk of violence against an African-American teacher.

In one exchange, one of the students wrote, “My [racial slur] teacher is [expletive] me off.  Sorry that was harsh, but she has no rights so I hate her. I'm in a bad mood already. I swear I'm gonna stomp on her [expletive] face and smash her weave into the ground.”

The student also wrote, “When are we killing her,” to which the other student responded, “Tonight. I already know her address.”

Then later in the conversation, one student wrote, “WERE GONNA GET AWAY WITH MURDUR [sic] TONIGHT”

The other student says: “Thye gonna have you a medal for killing a [racial slur]”

Investigators tell us a teacher intercepted the chats, and that’s how law enforcement got involved on Monday.  The teens told deputies that the messages were just inappropriate jokes, but the teacher told them she feared for her life after reading the messages and that she wanted to press charges.

The teens are facing assault charges.